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The Projects in Lwiza: Drinking Water Supply

SONIA has supported an initiative aiming at providing clean water supply to the local populations. Six water sources were built by harnessing natural spring water. The civil work was achieved in record time by the local populations who provided all the labour required through self-help while SONIA financed the purchase of imported material (cement, pipes, faucets, etc.). After completion of the civil works, a management committee, comprising five women and three men and presided by a woman, was elected. This committee, on its own, started an awareness raising campaign on the importance of clean water and hygiene of the water sources. It also raised contributions from the local populations to establish a small maintenance fund for the infrastructures built. Due to the prevailing poverty of the area, contributions were mostly in kind. The establishment of this fund is a good indicator of the importance of clean water supply to the concerned populations as well as of their degree of awareness and responsibility. Reports from the President of  the management committee indicate a decrease in infant mortality due to a drop in the incidence of diarrhoea and related malnutrition and of other water-born diseases.