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The Projects in LWIZA: Primary School

SONIA has supported, through PROFAL, local communities to build a primary school; community members have provide labour and all local material (sand, stones, wood, water, etc.) and SONIA has funded the imported ones. In addition to school construction, the project has also financed the recycling of the teachers, provision of textbooks and of didactic material, construction of water tanks and of a schoolgarden to feed the orphans. In addition the project has also benefited the unwed mothers as they have received/are receiving literacy and numeracy classes. The building was finished at the end of 2009. As a result of awareness campaigns about the importance of sending children, especially girls to school, the enrolment rate increased substantially: from 74 students (22 girls and 52 boys successfully completing an academic year before the school was built)  to 417 in 2009-10 academic year. During the same period, enrolment girls increased tenfold (from 22 to 220).