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Gioie da Condividere

Transforming the joy of a beautiful accessory in an opportunity for change and social freedom for women belonging to one of the sub castes of untouchables in India, those of the “manual scavengers” (cleaners of open pit latrines)
A bold way to share apparently conflicting joys: the purchase of a jewel - the joy and love for art - and the joy of providing opportunities for change in the lives of people, marginalised against their will..
This is what “Gioe da Condividere” is all about! An exhibit-auction, organized by SONIA - under the sponsorship of the Contemporary Jewels Association and Roma Capitale - which will take place all'Aranciera of San Sisto (Via di Valle of Camene, 11, 00153, Rome) on 2 and 3 March 2012.
SONIA has been supporting those in India who for several years are engaged, with courage and dedication, to sensitise, encourage and help women and entire communities, still compelled to engage in this degrading job, to change it by offering other employment opportunities. With the objective of investing on the most vulnerable, women, to build a better future.
The proceeds of this exhibit auction will finance SONIA’s activities in support of women from manual scavenging communities in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh.
To share joys means to provide an occasion to free these women from their dismal destiny!

Friday March 2nd
18:00 – Opening of the Exhibit
18:30 - Short Welcoming Addresses (Ozzimo,SONIA,AGC)
19:30 - Indian Traditional Dances with Haru Kugo (http://harukugo.wordpress.com)
18:00 – 22-:00 Visit of the Exhibit, Delivery and Registration of offers at the Secretariat

Saturday 3 March
11:00 – 20:30 – Visit of the Exhibit, Delivery and Registration of offers at the Secretariat
18:30 – Neapolitan songs: Luisa D’Elia soprano and Roberto Diodati guitar
19:30 - Guitar concert by Lucio Damascelli (www.luciodamascelli.it )
19:30 – Opening of offers by Secretariat
20:30 – Award and withdrawal of awarded jewels
20:30 – 23:00 - Music

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