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How do we operate?

SONIA works at macro, meso and micro level. Its initiatives at macro and meso level include awareness raising, capacity building, advocacy and lobbying. At micro level, the initiatives supported by SONIA provide opportunities to marginal and vulnerable groups - indigenous peoples, children, youth, women and migrants - to improve their status, through formal and non formal education, professional training, capacity building and fulfilment of their aspirations. Often initiatives at micro level feed its work at meso and macro level.

Projects are financed mostly by individual contributions and by private institutions.  SONIA acts as a link between the former and the ultimate beneficiaries. SONIA’s work is based on voluntarism and charity. This applies also to its local partners. Moreover, all the initiatives supported by SONIA have a large self-help component; people contribute to the realization of the activities they have selected as much if not more than the financial support received by SONIA. This, amongst others, ensures sustainability. .