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Let's Party and then... do it again

Help us organising an event.

To support SONIA’s small big initiatives  in Africa, Asia e America Latina YOU can also organize  a party or other events!

Whoever said that to support a small development initiative cannot be fun? In the last three years SONIA has been organizing  parties by themes to raise funds, inspired by the  music and culture of the continents where its partners operate.

We have  discovered that people like to have fun thinking that this can contribute to solidarity causes.

You can involve your friends to choose a title of a theme party, the location, the music, diffuse information and…. PARTY together!

If you like the idea and want to organize a party, contact Barbara at
( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. )

Donate your 5x1000 to SONIA

For our foreign friends who pay taxes in Italy

Thanks to the law no. 266 of 23 December 2005, it is possible to contribute your 5 X mille of IRPEF to Associazione SONIA.

It is very easy. You only need to sign and write the codice fiscale of SONIA within the dedicated space of your income tax return. You will find it in the 730 form as well as in the UNICO and in the CUD. Please  ensure to complete the box dedicated to “Non Profit Organizations of social utility.

Please remember that the codice fiscale of SONIA is: 97271510584

It does not cost you anything. To give the 5 X mille does not cost you anything and does not have any impact on your choice of the recipient of the 8 x mille.

It is extremely useful. To devolve your 5 x mille does not cost anything to you but to the many beneficiaries of SONIA this small gesture will rekindle hope for a better life.

Disseminate this information via email to all your friends and acquaintances.

Solidarity gifts

If you cannot help 100 people, at least help one!
You too would like to give a different gift, especially one that makes a difference?


You can help us by ordering solidarity gifts that will support one of our initiatives, or you can choose a gift amongst the bio-gifts of SONIA(click here to see Campo dei Forni list of products), produced by the azienda Campo di Forni.

We want you to be able to give unusual and beautiful gifts that not only will make your family and friends happy but, most of all, will make other people happy and will bring back their beautiful smiles.

Maybe you have never thought to give seeds or fruit trees as presents but they can be a wonderful gift for many families. Or a scholarship that would allow an orphan girl in DRC or in Kenya to attend school for one year! Or part of a canoe or a piece of land that would free the Bambuti of DRC from starvation and restore their dignity! These are just a few examples of the gifts that you can choose from SONIA’s gift list.

You will be able to find the present for every occasion and will discover at the same time how you can make many people happy at the same time: yourself, the person who gets the present and a child or a family.
SONIA’s gift list is full of presents aimed at changing the life of many people all over the world. The present you choose will go symbolically to your friend who will receive a nice postcard – a signed photograph - and, concretely, will benefit a family or a child of an area where SONIA works.

There are gifts for every pocket and, most of all, they will make a difference!

Up to 20 Euro

Seeds (15 Euros)

Fruit seedlings (20 Euros)

Set of pencils, pens and notebooks (12 Euros)

Blackboards (19 Euros)

Thread for sewing and embroidery (20 Euros)

Hoes and cutlasses (20 Euros)

From 20 to 40 Euros

1 set of school manuals
(28 Euros)

(25 Euros)

Pair of piglet

Pair of lambs
(35 Euros)

one medical kit
(40 Euros)
From 40 to 90 Euros
Lamps and petrol
(45 Euros)

A share of a canoe
(60 Euros)

Cloth for uniforms
(65 Euros)

A set of school uniforms, shoes and school bag
(75 Euros)

A share of a fishing net
(85 Euros)

A meal a day for 30 children for a whole month
(90 Euros)

1 first aid kit
(90 Euros)
100 and above

A scholarship to an orphan for an entire year
(100 Euros)

A share of a piece of land
(150 Euros)

A sewing machine
(150 Euros)
The present you choose will go symbolically to your friend who will receive a nice postcard – a signed photograph - and, concretely, will benefit a family or a child of an area where SONIA works.