What do we do?


the story so far…

SONIA is committed to three levels: macro, meso and micro. At the first two levels it mainly carries out activities of sensitization, dissemination of information, training, advocacy and lobbying. At the micro level, the initiatives supported by SONIA give opportunities to marginalized and vulnerable groups - children, adolescents, women and indigenous peoples - to improve their destiny through informal and formal education, professional training, capacity building, and realization of their needs and aspirations. Micro-level activities often inform and feed work on both the meso and macro levels.

Projects are mainly financed by individual contributions and, exceptionally, by public or private institutions. SONIA is a link between the latter and the groups at the base it supports. All the initiatives supported by SONIA have a large component of self-help; the groups supported contribute to the realization of the initiatives desired and conceived by themselves, with a contribution sometimes higher than the support received. This ensures the sustainability of Sonia's initiatives.

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