Refugees and Asylum seekers


the story so far…

During 2018, SONIA started collaborating with the Chapter of Ciampino and Marena of Slow Food Lazio, and the community of Laudato Sì of Castel Gandolfo to launch an initiative that facilitates integration and access to work of foreign citizens. More specifically, we have agreed to: a) promote professional training of citizens, refugees and/or migrants; b) assist them in finding employment; c) promote intercultural dialogue and their integration. We identified four rural enterprises based in Lazio that kindly agreed to provide them on‐the‐job training for six months. We then started collaborating with the services of the System of Protection for Asylum and Refuge Seekers (SPRAR) to select the candidates. The selection of the candidates is nearly complete and the training will start in February/March 2019.