Our Principles

SONIA is based on engagement, consciousness, enthusiasm and freedom of thought, expression and action.

SONIA reduces geographical and cultural distances and establishes equal relationships between those who give and those who receive.

SONIA is a point of connectivity and transformation: fertile ground of contact actively engaged in the initiatives it supports.

SONIA enlarges the boundaries of the relations well beyond the activities foreseen in the initiatives and projects it supports; it develops a concept of social relations that go beyond geographic or cultural boundaries. In so doing, it is weaving different threads that ultimately will develop into a whole pattern.

SONIA and its members share the enthusiasm of those who feel that hope is being rekindled.

SONIA IS THEM: indigenous peoples, children, youth, women and migrants that it has met and supports. SONIA is there: with its heart, its approach and in listening to their voices.

SONIA wants to spread a culture of peace and of respect for human rights. Peace for SONIA means social and environmental justice, reciprocal respect, valuing different cultures, solidarity and sharing.